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Santa Pants Wine Tote Holder for Gifts & Christmas Decorations

$ 20.00

Offer wine gifts in this fancy, colorful Santa Pants wine tote!  High quality construction with seam sown through the entire pant leg keeps bottles from clanking and provides durable holder for 2 wine bottles.  Use for home decoration or fill with other gifts including candy, nuts or bubble bath. Holds up to 5 lbs.  

These are the full size wine bottle covers.  I know there is confusion with some competitors who show the smaller size with wine bottles but sell the candy size totes but these are the real deal for wine. And solid construction so it holds the bottles securely.  

Special for the holidays!  3 for $20.  

Pant leg is 9-1/4 inches tall.  With pant straps, total length is 14 inches. 10 inches wide.  Felt and cotton fabric, vinyl and metal belt. 

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